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What is advertising?

Advertising is one of the marketing strategies, whether in the street or in the internet, which depends on trying to influence a certain group of people to sell their products or services, by communicating with that category with specific messages that affect their behavior in order to persuade them to make a specific decision, such as the decision to buy a product New or specific service.

So advertising is any means that is communicated with any person with the goal of convincing him of a specific matter, so that the decision that the owner of the advertisement wants to achieve a return or profit is taken.

Advertising, publicity or commercial advertising is one of the media activities that are indispensable because of its economic activities in terms of industry, trade, services and other economic activities and also returns to the advertiser as well as for charitable and non-profit institutions and organizations that without announcing their efforts you will not get community support and material financing Necessary to continue her work and fulfill her mission. It is one of the primary modes of communication for the promotion of goods, goods or services through oral, written, visual, fixed or mobile advertising media and across many platforms. It is a persuasive communication process, which aims to transfer the effect via a advertisement message from an advertiser to a consumer in order to raise his motives for buying a product or using a service.

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