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Oliver Twist (1838) is a criminal drama of concentrated darkness. An angelic orphan escapes the abuse that the charitable institutions of Victorian England reserve for children abandoned to fall into the most muddy cesspools of the London shallows. The early learning of vice and crime is the rule to escape poverty and hunger. We will hardly forget, after having crossed paths with them, neither the abominable Bumble nor the dark Fagin, this striking foreshadowing of convict game animals that will haunt Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. Imaginary creations? Shadows of childhood terrors and nightmares? Perhaps. The fact remains that contemporaries saw it as a reflection of reality. "There is not so much difference between this black painting of childhood and the painting of the factory by Karl Marx", remarked the philosopher Alain. It should be remembered on each page when discovering The Adventures of Oliver Twist.

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