Download Anne of Green Gables pdf

Download Anne of Green Gables Free Ebook pdf

Download Anne of Green Gables Free Ebook pdf

Beginning of the XXth century, in the small village of Avonlea in Canada. Brother and sister, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert never married and live together on the green gables farm. But they are getting old and need a little help. So they ask to adopt a young orphan. And instead of the expected boy, an eleven-year-old girl arrives: Anne Shirley, skinny red-haired talkative and ultra-emotional. The shy Matthew immediately fell in love with her, and even the severe Marilla quickly agreed to keep her at home ...

The last time I tried to read a great classic of Anglo-Saxon children's literature, it was the Narnia series, and I was monumentally bored. But I admit that I could not resist the lovely Puffin in Bloom edition of Penguin, illustrated by Anna Bond which is also rampant on the stationery line Rifle Paper Co. And from the first page, I got caught up in the beautiful handwriting of LM Montgomery, her enchanting descriptions of nature on Prince Edward Island, the very fine irony and not devoid of tenderness which she demonstrates towards her characters. Of course, some of her remarks may slightly shock today: Marilla Cuthbert does not want to adopt "a little London Arab", Anne would rather have beauty rather than intelligence because she is "very feminine", and she think being fat would be worse than anything. Hmm.

Other than that, she is one of the most engaging heroines I know, a champion of positive thinking long before it is fashionable by the personal development gurus. Although focused on dramatic reactions when her enthusiasm led her to commit yet another stupidity, or when her guardian refuses permission to go to have fun, Anne is generally very optimistic and a perpetual wonder at the beauties of the countryside where she lives. Dazed and dreamy, she considers her vivid imagination to be her greatest asset. In the face of adversity, she rolls up her sleeves and tries to do for the best. His radiant spontaneity and his river monologues transform the lives of the people around him for good and instill in the reader an irresistible good humor.

This novel, which ends when Anne is 16, was followed by six others which show her evolution until her fifties. Translated into French (and many other languages), it has also been adapted for film and TV.

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