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This books pdf online has an astounding arrangement of issues a large portion of which need ideas from 3-4 unique zones of Physics to tackle, accordingly testing and building up your combinatorial innovativeness, which is as I would like to think the pillar of the inventive procedure. This book changed the manner in which I considered critical thinking! Regularly a few inquiries would take a day or two to fathom and when at long last illuminated would give such a kick, that I was continually needing to comprehend more. Anyway I was unable to complete the last couple of segments of the book. There are in actuality a few inquiries in Irodov that have become the wellspring of amazing nerd jokes (like the acclaimed joke about a teacher attempting to trick a judge and a police officer by utilizing Doppler Effect Physics to guarantee that he didn't bounce the red sign and considered it to be green, infact started as an inquiry in Irodov). 

Despite the fact that I utilized it precisely ten years back, now and again I long for re-perusing Feynman Lectures in Physics Vols I and II and tackle Irodov once more, just to check whether the book was actually that troublesome or if ten years of assumed advancement in speculation would have made it simpler to take care of those issues now. If not, it would positively test a great deal of my cerebrum hardware in quite a few different ways! 

In the event that you are at the secondary school level, are yearning and need a lot of intense issues in Physics, at that point Irodov ought to be your Ebook of decision!

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