Download Banco- The Further Adventures of Papillon PDF

download Banco- The Further Adventures of Papillon PDF free

download Banco- The Further Adventures of Papillon PDF free

Thirteen years of French jail and failed escapes except the last one that led to the Venezuelan barracks of El Dorado ended for Henri Charriere on a stroke of luck in the form of a coup d'etat: a political change gives him the freedom. And the extraordinary story of these thirteen years, Papillon, concludes, we remember, on his landing as a free man and the slow climb to the village of El Dorado.

This freedom, he has enough pondered how he would use it Back to Paris revenge, pardi, but he has promised to behave properly towards this country that welcomes it generously and which also imposes a year of probation . Good. That year, he will occupy him to earn money for travel and revenge. Steal gold from the El Dorado mine? Do not think about it. So go for anything, because time is running out - leave to finish like Jojo la Passe ... or to find yourself without a penny.

The small schemes, the tunnel under the bank, the attack on the Mont-de-Piété, the honest management of hotels, the expeditions among the Indians, so many adventures, so many perils but there is also the encounter with Rita, attempts to improve their situation and finally the great Banco - the story of a success and a captivating story "lived".

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